Successful pedagogies for inquiry and knowledge building


Knowledge is constantly being produced and improved every day. Not only do we only discover new things on our own, but also we often learn in a social environment. When public knowledge is established and advanced through collaboration with others, this is called “knowledge building”: a continuous cycle of idea creation and enhancement fuelled by inquiry and discussion. Even children as young as Grade 1 can engage in knowledge building, making it a realistic approach to learning and education.

The Knowledge Building Teacher Network (KBTN) project was funded by Education Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Since 2006, the KBTN project team at CITE has been working in liaison with participating teachers to develop good KB practices for both primary and secondary school curriculums. This website aims to outline some of the outcomes through example cases, as well as relevant multimedia.

windmillKnowledge Building (KB)How teachers assess KB outcomesKB & KB PrinciplesUsing KF features to support KBSocio-technical design for KBHow do students build knowledgeA basic pedagogical pattern for KBHow do teachers build knowledge about KBTeachers’ developmental trajectoriesHow do teachers design KB lessons Students’ developmental trajectories

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